Thursday, January 16, 2014

Port Brewing Santa's Little Helper

I may not be writing as much, but I am still making my mostly weekly visits to Kite & Key. They've been varying a bit between Tuesday and Thursday but that's mostly depended on the weather. Regardless, I've still been going each week so that's something. This visit I ordered the Port Brewing Santa's Little Helper, an imperial stout.
Nice chocolate and coffee nose, definitely my style of imperial stout. Nice mouthfeel too. It wasn't oily, but was still a bit thicker, if that makes sense. Body was full of chocolate and roast with a light citrusy, bitter finish. I'm not sure others would get citrus and instead some other flavor of bitterness, but that's how it presented to me. Quite an enjoyable imperial stout and something I'd order again. I know I've seen barrel aged versions of this, but feel like I've heard complaints about it. Not sure but it feels like it would be good after tasting the base. Who knows.


  1. I thought this was a decent imperial stout as well, though clearly not a top tier affair and it doesn't quite stand up to the barrel aging treatment either - it's a bit dominated by the bourbon... which isn't a terrible thing, I guess, and it's probably worth trying, but again, not a top tier thing...

  2. Yeah, agreed. You won't be disappointed in this but it's not like it's superb or anything. And not too surprised about the barrel aged version.