Friday, January 20, 2012

Baladin Isaac

I realized earlier that I totally forgot to write about this one. At this point I've lost my notes but I remember a little. Baladin Isaac was bought for me in Italy by my sister in law and her husband. And, yes, they bought it because it's close to my last name.
Isaac is listed as a witbier on BeerAdvocate, but it differed from the style because of the additions to it. I remember being surprised at the amount of spice and flavor with the wheat base being pretty mild. Some fruitiness was also present. All in all, I was quite pleased and surprised with this one. Le Baladin, a brewery out of Italy, can be found in the US though it's probably expensive since most Italian beers are priced pretty high for a few reasons. Glad I got to try this though disappointed in myself for tossing my notes before writing about it. Oh well.


  1. I've been really impressed with the new Italian beers on the market, particularly from Baladin. Nora has become one of my recent favorites. I just wish their stuff was cheaper in the US.

  2. I've never actually looked at the prices specifically for this, I just figured it was expensive. I was pleasantly surprised by it but I almost never buy witbiers and certainly not expensive ones.