Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starr Hill

After leaving Devil's Backbone, we made our way to the Starr Hill brewery. This is a production facility so we weren't quite sure what to expect.
See, even looks like a production facility especially after the Devil's Backbone. Inside was a very large empty room with a bottling line off to the right, the brewing equipment in the back, and a small bar off to the left.
You can sort of see the bottling line and some packaging materials in that picture. We made our way to the bar and an employee proceeded to give us six different samples. I'm not sure why, but I didn't bother taking any notes for this place. Probably because I wasn't expecting much so I didn't feel like it. I remember not being super impressed with anything though their double IPA wasn't too bad. However, we still needed to fill a growler, so Jo asked if there was anything else and the bartender suggested the Jomo Lager. Turned out to be the best of the bunch so we got that instead which was lucky.

Here's a picture of the bar.
And here's me with the full growler in front of one of their banners.
Even though I wasn't a huge fan of their beers, I'm still glad we decided to visit this place. Their growler was pretty neat, the employee behind the bar was really nice, and, hey, it's always fun to go to a brewery. Sure, the beer could have been better but oh well. Look for Blue Mountain Brewery tomorrow and then finishing up the trip with Stewarts in Delaware for Friday.

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