Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fegley's Brew Works Bourbon Barrel Insidious Stout

Jo and I visited her home town recently and I brought some beers with me to drink Saturday night. One of those was Fegley's Brew Works Bouron Barrel Insidious, their imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels. I wanted to try this last year and wasn't successful so I was psyched to see it not only available again, but available in 12oz bottles.
Sweet bourbon and vanilla nose, no sign of any heat. Thick body. Started with some bourbon notes, some dark fruit and finished slightly roasty and bitter. As I drank more and my palate got used to it, the vanilla flavors grew and the bitterness and dark fruit flavors disappeared. Very solid bourbon stout and really enjoyable.

As a side note, it's awesome that they went from using 22oz bottles to using 12oz bottles. Generally breweries either move the opposite way or keep things the same since the profit margin is better for 22oz bombers since you can price them higher but Fegley's didn't and that's great. Besides being cheaper, it's so much easier to drink one 12oz bottle by myself too.

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