Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Troegs Splinter Blue

Jo and I recently went to Modo Mio for dinner and since it's a BYOB we brought some beer with us to drink during dinner. No wine for us though it's no real surprise considering it's me. Since it was Valentine's Day I decided that it was a great time to drink my last bottle of Troegs Splinter Blue.
Lets start with the description from the bottle tag.
Splinter Blue combines three of our favorite things - DreamWeaver, tart cherries, and Brettanyomyces. To begin this process we fermented DreamWeaver wort with a Belgian/Lambic yeast blend. After a complete fermentation, we aged the beer in oak barrels with wild yeast and souring bacteria for one year, and then added eighty pounds of tart cherries for another six months of aging.
While that's relatively dramatic language, it totally lived up to it. Decent amount of tartness with a little bit of cherry in the nose. Not strong cherry but nice hints of it. Even after all this time (I bought it in September 2010), still really well carbonated. The body was almost effervescent and had a nice prickliness to it. A decent amount of tartness followed with a bit more cherry. Never became too sour and was really tasty. Just a really great sour and I hope Troegs can make something as good now that they have more room in their new brewery. Here's my post on the first bottle I drank of it over Christmas in 2010.

As a side note, the meal at Modo Mio was awesome. Probably the best food we've gotten at a restaurant in a long time. Just perfectly flavored, nicely sized portions, and unique offerings. Check it out if you get a chance.

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