Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DuClaw Double Naked Fish

Back in January, I drank a beer from DuClaw named Naked Fish, a raspberry chocolate stout. While the raspberry and chocolate were quite strong and tasty, I thought the body was a bit thin and maybe an imperial version would be better. Imagine my surprise when a DuClaw employee responded to me and mentioned that they were already brewing a stronger version and to look for it in the next month or two. Well, a friend of mine grabbed me a bottle recently so I drank it this past weekend with some friends.
Roasty nose with some light raspberry in it. Didn't get much chocolate as the roast was the strongest flavor. Nice body, a bit thicker than the original. Some roast started followed by some raspberry and a light chocolate finish. Yes, this version tasted less like a chocolate raspberry candy, but I thought the beer was better overall. The body had more weight making it more enjoyable to drink and all of the flavors blended together better keeping anything from being overwhelming.

One of these days I should try to get my hands on their peanut butter porter, HERO, and see how that one tastes. Luckily, they may be distributing to Philly soon which will make it easier to try their stuff.


  1. Hey Rich, I have Retribution and Soul Jacker at home. I'll put the bottles aside if you'd like to try them.

  2. Go ahead and drink them if you find a good time, but if you don't we should hang out sometime and drink them then.

    And I had a small taste of retribution once. Sweet, but tasty.