Friday, June 1, 2012

My Philly Beer Week Schedule

I learned last year that the best way for me to get the most out of Philly Beer Week was to make mostly solid plans for the week before it started. It was a little more difficult this year since we were in Belgium recently but there were enough events listed that I mostly chose what I wanted to do before leaving.

For the most part, we've decided on everything we want to do except for the last Sunday. We won't necessarily be right on time for them but we should make it at some point.

Friday June 1st
  • Bella Vista Beer Bash - 4th Annual at Devil's Den: 7pm
Saturday June 2nd
  • Cirque du Saison at Tapestry: All Day
  • Gladiator featuring Yards, Dogfish Head & Allagash at Kite & Key: 2 - 6pm
    • We'll probably be here for the leftovers instead of for the actual event but we'll see
Sunday June 3rd
  • 5th Annual Coffee Beer Brunch at Eulogy: 11am
  • 50/50 and Gourmet Brunch at Capone's: 1 - 4pm for the Meet the Brewer part
  • Funky Buddha Brewery Berliner Weisse Extravaganza at Monk's: 4pm
    • We'll probably be late to this one. I'm hoping we'll arrive before everything is gone, obviously, but we'll just have to see
Monday June 4th
  • Goose Island Tap Takeover at CityTapHouse: 6 - 10pm
Tuesday June 5th
  • Lunch with Founders at Jose Pistola's: 11:30 - 2pm
    • I suspect this will be a busy one, be prepared!
  • Founders Brewing at Kite & Key: 5pm
  • Cigar City & Funky Buddha  at Prohibition Taproom: 5pm - 2am
Wednesday June 6th - Change of Plans!
  • With Love Beer Garden at the Four Seasons: 5 - 9pm
    • This is a bunch of the new breweries but I'm mostly going to check out Round Guys Brewery.
  • Visit to Tired Hands Cafe in Ardmore!
Thursday June 7th
  • Deschutes is 'da sh_t! at Monk's: 8pm
    • I'll be here around 5, 5:30 probably.
Friday June 8th
  • Lunch with Hill Farmstead at Jose Pistola's: 11:30pm - 2pm
    • Yes another lunch here. I love the burritos, so sue me.
  • With Love Beer Garden Presents: Dock Street Brewery at the Four Seasons: 5pm
    • Dock Street and the Four Seasons are announcing their third A Beer Four All Seasons today.
Saturday June 9th
  • Second Saturday at Nodding Head: 3pm
  • 17 Tap Dark Horse Takeover at Hawthorne's: 5pm
    • Bourbon Plead the Fifth!!!!!!!
Sunday June 10th
  • Russian River Sunday at Local 44: 11am
  • Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse Showcase w/ Terry at The Farmer's Cabinet: 11:30am
It looks busy but except for the first Sunday it shouldn't be too bad. Really super excited. The Hawthorne's event on the last Saturday is probably the one I'm most looking forward to as I really enjoyed last year's version but all of them should be good. See everyone tonight at Devil's Den!


  1. We were up at Round Guys Brewery in Lansdale on Monday and I'm really impressed with what they're doing. This post is inspiring me to put my own schedule together. Sadly my work schedule this week is going to conflict greatly with a lot of the events I want to attend. Perhaps next year this is a vacation week :)


  2. I find doing the research before hand helps a lot with not missing things. Makes me look over the list of events multiple times and such. I am lucky enough to have a flexible work schedule so it makes some of the lunches easier for sure.

  3. Will you actually eat food at those lunches? Sounds fantastic! Hope you guys have a great time.

  4. Yeah, their burritos are excellent. Also, a purely liquid lunch during work would kill all of my productivity instead of just some of it.