Thursday, November 21, 2013

Founders Breakfast Stout at Kite & Key revisited

I've definitely written about Breakfast Stout before, even written about having it at Kite & Key, but I'm going to revisit it because it's been a while. Of course, now that I've linked you to the previous post, I do have to make sure I don't just write exactly the same thing. Founders Breakfast Stout is an imperial stout made with coffee and chocolate.
Nose was really nice with lots of chocolate and espresso coffee with some roast bringing it all together. Body, however, was super bitter at first with just a little coffee and minimal chocolate. I was actually surprised at how bitter it was. Luckily, as I drank more and it warmed up a bit, the bitterness fell to more reasonable levels and I started tasting more of the coffee. Maybe out of a bottle it's not quite as bitter but this wasn't quite as good as I remember. Oh well, tastes change and all that.

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  1. Funny, I just had this on tap recently too, and I liked it better than I remember, though I'm still not a huge fan (as apparently everyone else is). That starting bitterness mellowing out as it warms is definitely something I get out of this, and indeed, all of Founders' stouts. Even KBS! My first sip of KBS ever was horrible... but I was more than won over by the time I finished it. I thought maybe it was a fluke or something, but I had it on tap a few months later and had the exact same experience. Ditto the regular Imperial Stout...