Friday, October 26, 2012

Founders Breakfast Stout at Kite & Key

I've had Breakfast Stout before but I haven't had it this year yet. Figured Monday seemed like a good time to rectify that especially since nothing else jumped out at me. Breakfast Stout is a coffee imperial stout coming in a little over 8%.
Nice clean coffee nose with a little hint of chocolate. On first sip, the coffee was front and center and moved into chocolate and roast. Some bitterness in the finish either from the coffee or the hops. Stays pretty steady through the rest of the glass with the coffee fading just a tad. An excellent coffee stout and it's no surprise this is one of Founder's more popular beers.


  1. I bought a 4 pack of this two years ago and was unimpressed, to the point where I've actually "accidentally" aged one of them in my fridge for the entire time. Despite not being a big coffee guy, I'm actually looking forward to cracking it open in the near future...

  2. What was unimpressive about it? It's a coffee imperial stout. Nothing flashy, but totally solid.

  3. I think I went into it with very high expectations. Also, not a huge coffee guy. I suspect that when I revist this bottle, I'll enjoy it much more...