Thursday, August 26, 2010

Andy Barnett's home brew

I had another one of my old co-worker's home brew beers today.  I'm honestly not sure what the style is but I think it's a Pale Ale or an IPA.
It's really quite good and I hope Andy keeps up with his brewing.  It has a really nice balance between malty and hoppy, leaning more towards the malty side.  The balance is probably a result of his brewing process since I'm betting getting a really hoppy beer can be tough to brew just because it can turn out really terrible, really easily but I don't really know.  Maybe if someone who knows about brewing and reads this could post a comment.


  1. Glad you liked it, Rich. It's an English Bitter, from a kit at the homebrew store. I'm more of a Charlie P kind of brewer, than a John Palmer, so I have no idea if the beer turned out accurate, or what the alcohol or bitterness is. It tastes good, and that's enough.

  2. Thanks Andy. That style makes more sense considering the taste.