Monday, December 6, 2010

Friday Beers!

Had a double dose of awesome beers last Friday and surprisingly enough they were both hoppy beers.  I went to Jose Pistolas for lunch (where else would I go?) with my brother in law, Sean, because they were having a bunch of Founders stuff on draft plus their food is always delicious.  While the Breakfast Stout was calling my name, I had to get a glass of the Harvest Ale poured from the first Founders firkin sent to Philadelphia (according to Adam.)
Notice the thick, creamy head as a result of being poured from the firkin.  I tried to get a picture of it but I couldn't get a good angle on it.  Basically, it was sitting on the counter in the corner and to pour a beer, Adam just opened the tap.  Picture a water cooler made of wood and turned on its side and you'll have a good idea.  The Harvest Ale had a lovely citrus smell without any hop bitterness.  First sip reminded me of lemons and some orange peel.  It was followed by a nice sweetness also without any bitterness.  Unfortunately I've never had the Founders Harvest before so I can't compare but this was really good.  Glad I went with it.  I also got a taste of Curmedgeon which was fantastic.  Tasted like a glass of caramel bread.  Right up my alley.

That night, I opened the bottle of Unfiltered Double Simcoe I got at Weyerbacher during the release of Riserva.  This is different from their regular Double Simcoe as it's bottle conditioned in a 750mL bottle so unfiltered.
Similar lemon and orange flavors in this one although a little bitterness is present.  It has a sweetness to it but ends with a hop bite.  Not overpowering, but it's there and lingers for a bit.  I thought it went really well with dinner too.  The hops flavor went really well with whatever it was I was eating at the time.  Orange citrus backed each sip and as it warmed up I started getting some caramel flavors as well.  Compared to the normal bottle that I had over Thanksgiving, this was less hoppy and a little sweeter.  Definitely would be interesting to have both together that's for sure.

Sly Fox and Dogfish Head are apparently at the Belgian Cafe tomorrow night so maybe look for some notes about that in the next few days.  I know I'm going to the Bavarian Barbarian lunch at Jose Pistolas on Friday so feel free to say hi if you are going too.  Good beer and their brewer is going to be there I think.  Should be fun.

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