Friday, December 3, 2010

Philadelphia Brewing Company Harvest from the Hood

I got a bottle of Harvest from the Hood from our Community Supported Agriculture program a couple weeks ago.  For the past two years (I think two years), the hops used are grown at the farm where we get our stuff so they give out a bottle in the last pickup.  Harvest is a wet hopped IPA, meaning it's brewed with freshly picked hops.
Hoppy smell without the sweetness that the stronger IPAs give off.  Some citrus rind in the first sip but they don't remind me of grapefruit this time.  The citrus and bitter flavors result from the hops and differ based on the type of hops used in the brewing just like any other ingredient.  Not sure which hops are used to brew this one though.  The aftertaste is a bit bitter and lingers.  Decent IPA and neat that the hops came from a farm in Philadelphia.  I probably wouldn't pick Harvest up again but I don't think it's that expensive so it's worth a try.

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