Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bavarian Barbarian Headbangerz Brown Ale

After resting a little from our New Years trip, Jo and I opened the growler of Headbangerz Brown Ale we got at Bavarian Barbarian brewery.
It had a sweet and malty nose with some bready notes.  Very inviting if you like sweet browns like Jo and I.  Tastes a little nutty, some sweetness. No hops to be found.  Mouthfeel is pretty great, nice thickness.  A little caramel started coming out as it warmed up.  Reminded me almost of a Belgian Dubbel but without the Belgian yeast.  We both really enjoyed this one and it's yet another Bavarian Barbarian beer I've liked.  If it was available in bottles around here we'd definitely pick some up.  Mike, the brewer, is aging some of this in some bourbon barrels and I can't wait to see how that turns out.  Most likely delicious.  If you're ever in Williamsport definitely stop in, say hi and have a beer.

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