Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday Beers!

What's a Saturday without some interesting things to drink?  Nothing, that's what.  I needed to do some beer shopping for a thing I'm having at my house on Friday, so Jo and I took a trip out to Capone's and the Wholefoods in Plymouth Meeting.

We arrived at Capone's and found out the restaurant is going to be closed on Sundays (at least until around April) which stinks since that was always when we went.  Ah well.  There was a lot to choose from, but they had Flying Fish Exit 13, a chocolate stout, and I've been wanting to try that for a while now.
It's technically a foreign / export stout, but I'm not honestly sure why that style exists since it basically just means a stronger normal stout.  Smells like chocolate with some hops in it.  Inviting.  Roast up front, some fruitiness, followed by a dry chocolate flavor with a little balancing hop bitterness.  As I drank more, the chocolate slowly took over which was nice.  Good mouthfeel on it too.  Not a bad chocolate stout but I still feel like it could have had more chocolate flavor in it.

They had Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial on draft too but I didn't want to drink more at the time.  Since I wanted to try it, I picked up a bottle of it at Wholefoods instead.  Maracaibo Especial is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale according to BeerAdvocate but it has the same sour and tanginess that appear in the other beers I've had from them.  The bottle says it's a brown, but the bottle lies.
The main thing I've seen from Jolly Pumpkin is that regardless of the style their beer is listed under it's going to be tart and kind of weird.  No exception on this one.  Sour, some apple juice notes, and some tanginess in the nose.  Flavor was a mix of spices and apple with a dry finish.  I got some chocolate in the finish but seeing as how it's in the bottle description it may have been my imagination.  I enjoyed the bottle, but for the cost it wasn't entirely worth it.  Nice to try it once though.

Decent weekend with nothing terribly crazy.  Got to try a two I've been wanting for a while plus the KBS on Friday.  I also got to try a PBC Winter Wunder on Sunday thanks to my friend Larry which was pretty good.  All in all, no complaints.

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