Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pete Michel's Hefeweizen

Pete gave me a bottle of his hefeweizen the last time he was over here back in October and I finally got around to drinking it.  Luckily it's been in the refrigerator since he left it here (I mean since he gave it to me...) so I figured it would have held up pretty well and I was correct as it was quite good.
Great banana aroma to it.  I'm guessing he used some sort of German yeast to get that as it's a basic aroma in that style.  First sip followed with bananas, some sweetness and a sugary ending.  Flavors continue in the same basic form throughout the rest of it.  Pete had told me he wasn't that impressed with it, but either 3 more months in the bottle made it much better or he's minimizing his skill.  Very tasty and seemingly representative of the style.  Nice job Pete.

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