Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unmarked Bottle of homebrew from Pete G

Sorry about the hiatus, but I'm finally back after moving to my new house and getting internet installed.  For my triumphant return, I'm just doing something simple, an unmarked homebrew from my buddy Pete.
He gave me this bottle a while ago and I quickly forgot what style it was supposed to be.  Instead of just texting him to find out, I decided to see if I could guess.  At least it was well carbonated as you can see in the picture.  Slightly perfumy hop nose, mildly pine.  Some hop notes, a little malt, a little caramel, and maybe a little banana (but that may have just been my imagination).  My basic guess is that this is an Amber / Red Ale.  Not as hoppy as an IPA, but too hoppy for a scotch ale.  Just like Troegs Hopback, this is a nice mix of the two without either overpowering.  Tasty homebrew.


  1. Good job Rich... We call that one "Amber Alert". I label it, style-wise, as a toffee amber (because of a slight diacetyl problem). And yes, is was over carbonated. Looks like I am hitting a different homebrew mistake with each of my beers. Let me know if you want a bottle of the Mr. Bawk Ba Gawk Weizenbock... or in about a month, the James Ensor Pale Ale.

  2. I'll admit that I sort of remembered the style that you told me while drinking the beer but only because it reminded me. Also, I didn't get too much butter in it but maybe that's why the malt was slightly different tasting than normal. And, hey, at least you got two issues out of the way with this batch. Wonder what's next since you've already had infection, diacetyl, and overcarbonation. =)

    I love weizenbocks so sure I'd love a bottle. Is it already done?