Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Philly Beer Week Schedule

I try to stick to just beer posts or posts about beer events, but this seems like an easy way to keep track of my beer week schedule. So here we go. This is a list of events I am tentatively going to attend. Some are definite but not all so I'll put tentative events in red. I'll try to keep it up to date but a lot of the tentative events are really choices between the two so I won't know until that night. If you really care, I'll hopefully keep twitter up to date.

Friday June 3rd
  • Bella Vista Beer Bash at Devil's Den
    • 7pm - 2am
    • Probably arrive around 6:30
  • Troegs Opening Tap Tailgate at the Kite & Key
    • 2pm - 2am
    • Probably stop in around 4 just to check it out.
  • Bruges Zot at Belgian Cafe
    • 8pm - 12am
    • Maybe stop in after Devil's Den
Saturday June 4th
  • Ballast Point at Capone's
    • 12pm - 3pm
    • Probably arriving close to 12 and leaving after lunch
  • Belgian Beers with Global Beer at Bridgid's
    • 7pm - 10pm
    • If I can find a draft list that would help but probably going to the Khyber.
  • Voodoo Brewing Puts a Spell on You at the Khyber
    • 8pm - 2am
    • Doing this one or the Bridgid's one
Sunday June 5th
  • Second Annual Coffee Beer Brunch at Eulogy
    • 11am - 12pm
    • Jo and I will be there around 11 I expect
  • Lost Abbey w/ Tomme Arthur at Monk's
    • 4:30pm - 6pm
    • This is going to be insane I think but the tap list is awesome so I may brave the crowds for it.
    • Seriously, insane tap list.  See PhillyTapFinder.
Monday June 6th - Fear for my liver
  • F*CK Monday at Kite & Key
    • 5pm - 12am
    • Canadian Breakfast Stout. Enough said.
    • Also, F*CK = Founders Unites Canada and Kentucky
  • Deschutes Dinner at London Grill
    • 5pm - 11pm
    • $55, make reservations.
    • Draft List: PhillyTapFinder again
    • Abyss in bottles I guess?
Tuesday June 7th - May need to give my liver a break so all is tentative
  • Belgian Beers with 12% Imports
    • 12pm - 12am
    • Could be some good stuff here
  • With Love Beer Garden at The Four Seasons
    • 4pm - 8pm
    • This one is Weyerbacher
    • Blasphemy!
Wednesday June 8th
  • Weyerbacher Happy Hour at Time Restaurant
    • 5pm - 7pm
    • Should be fun, Time is pretty great
  • 16 Dark Horse Tap Takeover at Hawthorne's
    • 5pm - 11pm
    • This is going to be insane
  • Spend the night with exploring 12% Imports at The Belgian Cafe
    • 7pm - 12am
    • Depends if I go to Hawthorne's or not basically
Thursday June 9th
  • Sierra Nevada Exportation at London Grill
  • Avery Brewing at Kraftwork
  • Meet head brewer Rob Tod from Allagash at St. Stephen's Green
    • 6pm - 8pm
    • If I don't go to Kraftwork, I'll be here.  Probably going to Kraftwork though.
Friday June 10th
  • Lunch with Jolly Pumpkin at Jose Pistolas
    • 11:30am - 3pm
    • I'll definitely be here
  • All Day Wood at Resurrection Ale House
  • Allagash Happy Hour with Rob Tod at Kite & Key
    • 4:30pm - 6:30pm
    • Possibly stop in depending on the 'All Day Wood' and whether I met him on Thursday
Saturday June 11th
No events planned at the moment as I'm busy

Sunday June 12th
  • Russian River Sunday at Local 44
    • 11am - 12am
    • Seems interesting
  • $3 Scraps and Leftovers at Rembrandt's
    • 11am - 12am
    • Depends on what they have left but it's cheap at least
  • Kickin' Kegs and Eatin' Eggs Party at Varga Bar
    • 11:30am - 3pm
    • Haven't been to Varga yet so this seems like a good chance.

So yeah, busy busy week and a half. We'll see if I make it to everything I planned but it doesn't seem too hard. More an issue of just getting to the places. There are a ton of other great things, these are just what I picked out for ease of use and interest. Say hi if you see me, I have a mohawk so I should be pretty noticeable. As a side note, Capone's just sent out their draft list and the Founders event on Thursday June 9th is going to be amazing so for you out of city people, go there.

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