Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weyerbacher Blasphemy

On Tuesday of Philly Beer Week, I was planning on taking a night off to recover, but didn't really succeed. I had been wanting to try Weyerbacher Blasphemy, their quad aged in bourbon barrels, since it came out and the With Love Beer Garden gave me that chance. How could I take the day off?
Bourbon sweet nose with some dark fruit notes from the base quad. Thick mouthfeel, really inviting. Tasted of caramel and dark fruit with a sweet bourbon finish. It was pretty sweet and skirted the edge of being cloying, yet never fell over which is an impressive feat. It felt like it should be boozy, not because there were strong alcohol notes (there weren't), but because of the sweet, bourbon flavors and syrupy mouthfeel. Really great bourbon barrel quad and very tasty.

As a side note, I wasn't terribly impressed with the With Love Beer Garden outside the Four Seasons. I understand it was created as a sort of meeting place and headquarters for Philly Beer Week, but it was just unimpressive to me. It was big and open and having different breweries as sponsors each day was a good idea, but there was barely anything there other than that. Maybe I'm missing the point or something, I just wouldn't have felt the need to stop in if it weren't for this beer.

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