Monday, October 17, 2011

Elysian Night Owl

While it's Monday now, I drank this one Friday night so I'm counting it as continuing pumpkin week. This time it was Elysian Night Owl, a pumpkin brewed with pumpkin seeds along with pumpkin and then fermented spices.
Bready malt nose with a hint of clove and cinnamon. Pretty sweet, almost fruity. Interesting dry pumpkin flavor, possibly a result of the seeds, with very understated spicing. Some malty sweetness comes through similar to the nose. Decent and pretty easy drinking pumpkin as a result of the reasonably tasty base beer. I do wish Elysian distributed their other two pumpkin beers here though since they are both supposed to be quite good and one is a stout. Ah well.


  1. Rich, what's the verdict? Which beer was your favorite from Pumpkin Week? It might be fun to get some for Halloween.

  2. Probably the Cisco was the most enjoyable of the bunch. The Southampton was probably the most generic with the Smuttynose being the most unique because of the extra hopping.

    I do still have a few more sitting around at home that I haven't had yet.