Thursday, October 27, 2011

Regional Food & Drink in DC

We were in DC for a wedding and the rehearsal dinner was held at a place called Regional Food & Drink. Since we were in a side room for the event, I didn't see much of the place but it seemed nice enough. During the rehearsal part of it I mostly drank Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, a porter, which is great so that was cool. After the dinner a bunch of us switched to the main part of the restaurant and got a table in the back. I didn't know what to expect as far as the draft list but it was actually quite god with lots of variety and decent enough prices. I decided to start with the Dogfish Head 120 Minute, an 18% monster IPA, since I wasn't sure if I'd find it on draft anywhere else.

Luckily they were intelligent enough to only serve it in 4oz glasses so even if you don't know the strength, it won't hit you too hard. Super strong smelling, fruity with a bit of hops. Very thick mouthfeel, not quite syrupy but getting there. Very sweet, some orange juice flavor, and some bitterness in the finish. Sort of reminded me of a bitter, super thick glass of orange juice. The alcohol isn't too present in the main part but it's definitely there in the finish. I've had it with some age and it's a little more fruity but I still liked it fresh even with the alcohol burn.

After that, I had to order the New Belgium Clutch since not only is it not available in Philly it's named after a band I like. Clutch is a sour stout similar to Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura.
Hint of roasty sourness in the nose. Started with chocolate and some roast, followed by a little sourness, and then finished with a bit more sourness. Pretty decent although not terribly impressive. The sourness and chocolate blended well at least but it wasn't strong enough in either direction to distinguish itself.

So that was RFD in DC. Strong tap list with a decent enough atmosphere. I got to try a glass of 120 minute which was cool since it's harder to get in Philly and the Clutch, while not memorable, was decent enough really and not something I'll find here. There were a few other things on the list I would have tried, too, if I'd been there longer so it is definitely a place I'd visit again.

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