Monday, April 15, 2013

Fegley's Brew Works Framboise

We met a friend at Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant and when I looked at the draft list I knew I had to try the Brew Works Framboise. I'm a sucker for sours and heard some decent things about this one.
Solid nose on it, smelled of fermenting raspberries and caramel. The raspberry part smelled pretty natural which is always a nice sign in brewing. Fake ingredients can up the flavor but are still fake. Tart raspberry up front, light caramel followed, and a slightly bitter or something finish. The raspberry and tartness was really nice in this and the natural flavor was pretty good. The only negative on this was the slightly odd, kind of bitter flavor in the finish. It didn't ruin the beer or anything, just threw me off a little. This is definitely worth trying if you see it though just to experience it.

Update: Oddly enough, The Brew Works just posted a blog entry about their lambics over here.

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