Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wychwood Hobgoblin

I'm still working my way through the gift of beers I was given back in December. I realize that is ridiculously lame but, well, I'm okay with that. I think I have one or two left at this point and I should just drink them but I have so many other things to drink and so little time. Oh well, I'll get to them eventually. This time I chose the Wychwood Hobgoblin, a Dark English Ale according to the bottle.
I didn't know what to expect from Hobgoblin, but honestly I wasn't expected a really solid beer which is what I got. Nutty, malty sweet nose with a bit of toffee. Body was caramel and sweet fruit with a tiny bit of bitterness in the finish. Quite tasty and actually reminded me of Yards Brawler a bit.

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