Friday, April 19, 2013

Mellody Brewing Sour Cherry Patersbier

I was given a few of Sean Mellody's beers as part of what he calls the "Tasting Jawn." Very Philly, I know. The Sour Cherry Patersbier is, predictably enough, his patersbier aged on sour cherries.
Light cherry nose with a bit of bready maltiness in the finish. The beginning and middle had a ton of black cherry tartness which kind of overpowered everything up until the finish. There were hints of the base beer (which I drank earlier in the week but haven't written about yet) in the back but the cherries were by far the strongest flavor throughout. If you like this type of cherry, you'd probably quite like this since it tastes pretty similar. It's also just tart and not crazy funky or weird so this could appeal even to people who don't like sours too. Overall, I can definitely see it being polarizing but that's not surprising with fruit anyway.

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