Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dieu du Ciel 2009 Peche Mortel

I've had this bottle for quite a long while now partially because I lost track of it for a year or so in our old apartment. One day, I was moving stuff around and found it mixed in with a bunch of other beer which was a nice surprise. Why did it still take me 2 years to drink it? Because, that's why. Peche Mortel is an imperial stout brewed with coffee. Honestly, the aging conditions for this weren't particularly great so I was shocked when it still tasted pretty good.
Slightly sour coffee nose, basically what you get when you let coffee sit for a while. If you drink coffee, you know exactly what I mean. Body, however, had a nice clean coffee flavor with some chocolate and a bit of nuttiness in the finish. A little bitterness came through as well and kept the sweetness in check. Glad the sour coffee didn't come through in the body. I'm certainly glad this was still good even after cooking a bit in my old apartment's very hot entry way. Lucky me!


  1. Interesting. I'm curious to try an aged coffee beer myself (I have a Founders Breakfast Stout from 2010 in my fridge), just to see what coffee does over time. I'd always heard that it mellowed or even disappeared, but seeing as though your beer was 4 years old, I guess it just changes slightly...

  2. Thought I responded earlier. Yeah, I find people overstate coffee disappearing but it does fade a little. I haven't had this fresh in a long time so couldn't tell you how much though.