Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Founders Mango Magnifico

I missed my usual Tuesday stop in at the Kite & Key last week because of a really great event at the Bishop's Collar, but I made up for it the following Thursday. Lucky for me, everything from the previous Sunday's Savage Sixtel event was still available. I was psyched about it as it meant I would finally get to try Founders Mango Magnifico, their latest in the backstage series. I'm not sure what the base style of the beer was but it's a mango beer made with habanero peppers.
Sweet mango nose with the fruit overwhelming everything. Thicker than average body. Initially I got tons more of the mango sweetness then immediately after the burn from the habanero started. Each swallow had more and more burn with some fire lingering after each sip. Kind of crazy. Since the mango was strong, it wasn't terribly spicy but man it was pretty noticeable. I honestly didn't believe people when they said it burned but they were right. Crazy beer. Glad I didn't have a full 25oz bottle as 10oz was plenty so that is nice. Fun to try though as it was a unique experience.


  1. I've never been blown away by a spicy pepper beer, but they certainly do make for an interesting change of pace. I guess you could say that I was blown away by just how bad Crazy Ed's Cave Creek Chile beer was. Spicy burn, with nothing from the base beer to counteract it. It was an abomination that everyone should try sometime.

  2. I don't think making the pepper the key point of a beer is ever a good idea. Even in this, where it didn't ruin it, all it really added was a very obvious burn.

    If you want to try another gimmicky abomination, buy a bottle of Ghost Face Killah by Twisted Pine. It's made with six different peppers including ghost peppers and just tastes like pepper juice.