Friday, October 4, 2013

Neshaminy Creek Trauger Pilsner

This is randomly my second post about Neshaminy Creek this week but I didn't plan it that way. Mainly just that when I went to Kite & Key this week, there wasn't much else I haven't had before so I chose this. Trauger Pilsner is, quite obviously, a pilsener.
Notes of bread and sweet fruit in the nose. The body, though, had a light bitterness up front and a dry, biscuit flavor in the finish. Interesting difference between the nose and the body. Solid beer though I'm in no way an expert on pilseners. This tastes good and that's what matters really. So go ahead and order it if you want something in this vein.

Also, don't mind the different spellings of pilsener. I'm guessing one is slightly more German than the other or something. I feel like the extra E makes it read better so I went with that spelling for the style. No idea which is really correct though.

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