Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lunch at Monk's Cafe

Monk's Cafe is a famous Belgian Beer bar in Philadelphia at 16th and Spruce.  They have an incredible selection of beer and great food (including very good mussels).  I hadn't been there in quite a while because while it's an excellent bar, it's not very large and gets super crowded.  Because of the structure of the bar and how the entrance is setup it's very hard to stand around while waiting an hour for a table.  There isn't enough room by the front bar to wait and it can get frustrating since you are constantly in the way of everyone.  However, if you're in Philadelphia it's worth a visit just because of the history just go early enough to avoid the major crowds.

Yesterday, Monk's did a Russian River event to earn money for a breast cancer foundation.  It was a good cause (see I went for charity!) so I headed there with a friend of mine for some lunch.  I haven't quite found a reason to open one of my bottles of Temptation so I jumped at a chance to try it on draft.
It poured a lovely golden color with about 2cm of head on it.  Smelled tart with hints of lemon and orange, almost fruity.  Tasted very tart with a bit of sourness to it.  Not puckeringly sour but close to it.  The aftertaste was pretty clean and the tartness didn't stick with me.  I'd say this is similar to a geuze but no where near as dry.  I enjoyed it quite a bit although I'd put consecration and supplication ahead of it.  The fruit notes in those two give them more dimensions which makes them slightly more interesting to drink.  Still, Temptation was great and I'm quite excited for the bottles of Temptation I have waiting for me.

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