Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sierra Nevada Autumn Tumbler

Finally got to try Sierra Nevada Autumn Tumbler brown ale last night.
Smelled malty and a little bready.  Good, strong smell for a brown ale.  First sip had a nice roasted flavor to it with a little sweetness.  Hop bitterness follows and sticks around for a bit.  As I had more the hops came to the forefront although to be clear it's nothing like an IPA or anything.  I enjoyed this but Jo found it to be a little bitter for her.  She likes them to be malt forward with a few roasted notes and no bitterness and this was too consistently bitter for a whole pint to be enjoyable.

Tumbler was their early fall seasonal (late Summer?) so it's probably not easily available anymore.  There may be a couple cases at places but it probably won't be easily available until next year.

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