Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well's Banana Bread

I drank my last Well's Banana Bread the other day.
This is the third bottle I've had of it over the course of a couple months and this was the best of the three.  The flavors and smell seemed much stronger now than before.  The first thing I noticed was the huge smell of banana bread.  It's kind of amazing that a beer can get the smell so close.  Following that, the taste is all banana bread as well.  It starts out sweet and malty (the bread and caramel flavors) and ends with pure banana.  All together, drinking banana bread.  The only downside to this beer is all you get is banana bread.  There's nothing else to the beer.  I wouldn't want to drink more than one in a night just because of that.  Still, really interesting thing to try.

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