Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bell's Best Brown

We need to pick up a new case of beer for Jo so I opened a bottle of Bell's Best Brown for her to try.
Smelled malty with a few toasted notes for good measure.  First sip was sweet with some toasted malt flavors.  As I drank more, I got a little bit of caramel but the overall flavor was mostly the sweetness and roast.  No bitterness at all and pleasant while eating dinner.  I enjoyed it but Jo thought it was a little too much to drink an entire case.  Still, a 6 pack would probably work out for most people.  Get it soon though as it's a fall seasonal and it's probably going to start disappearing again soon.

And yeah I made another post before this weekend.  So sue me.  On a random side note, I made some awesome cookies today.  So good.

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