Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After a relaxing Thanksgiving with many great beers, Jo and I made our way back to Philadelphia.  On the way (okay not in any way on the way since it's 45 minutes past our apartment) we stopped at the Victory Brewpub.  Originally, I was going to pick up some bottles of Dark Intrigue, their new Barrel Aged Storm King, but they sold out of 70 cases in about 45 minutes November 24th so that idea was shot.  However, I also wanted to pick up a shirt from them, so we decided to go anyway.  When we arrived the parking lot was super full, but we managed to find some seats at the bar.

I started with a glass of Old Horizontal, their barleywine.
Smelled strongly of alcohol with very little sweetness.  The last few barleywines I've had all smelled very sweet so this was quite a change.  Initially, it tasted like slightly bitter alcohol.  After drinking some more, I realized it was just really heavily hopped.  Similar to Stones Old Guardian, but even hoppier.  The bitterness didn't linger, but every sip I took started with it.  It relaxed a bit as I had more but definitely a different take on the style.

I followed that up with a glass of Yakima Glory, a Black IPA.  At one point this was known as Yakima Twilight but they changed the name probably due to trademark issues but who knows.  If you do know, drop a comment about it.
Very pretty pour as they had it on one of their hand pumps.  It looked slightly darker in person than in the picture but regardless it's still darker than a regular IPA.  Smelled hoppy.  Very creamy.  Some roast followed by a lot of hop flavor but no real bitterness.  The fact that it was on hand pump masks some of the hop bitterness in a similar way as having it on nitro in my opinion.  I find the consistency and mouth feel change pretty dramatically.  I thought this was quite pleasant and would be interested in trying it again out of a normal tap to see the differences.

After that we drove home and worked on cleaning the house to get ready to put up some Christmas decorations.  To relax, I popped the bottle of Stones Imperial Russian Stout I bought from Capone's a few weeks back.
I noticed later that the gargoyle on the bottle is wearing one of those tall, Russian hats which is pretty funny.  Pretty neat bottle in my opinion.  Smelled sweet with some alcohol, mild coffee and some chocolate notes.  Initially, I got bittersweet chocolate flavors with a pleasant warming from the alcohol.  Some roast and even some really mild tart flavors in the background, almost cherryish.  No bitterness at all and really well balanced between the alcohol and the rest of the flavors.  This is probably one of the best Imperial Russian Stouts I've ever had.  Definitely lived up to its reputation.

Devil's Den is having an event December 1st that Jo and I should be going to.  They said they'd have different oaked or aged beers on draft so there should be some good stuff.

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