Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random Sierra Nevada and Sly Fox Weekend

Jo and I planned to head to the Sly Fox brewpub in Royersford on Saturday so I figured I'd start the weekend off with a bottle of Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve Friday night in order to have a Sly Fox themed weekend.  However, we stopped in at Brigids and they just put on Sierra Nevada Fritz + Ken's Ale and I had to try it, ruining my theme.  The things I do for beer.

Sierra Nevada Fritz + Ken's Ale is the first of their 30th Anniversary beers.  It's an Imperial Stout (although Sierra Nevada calls it a Pioneer's stout, but that's not really a style so yeah.)
It's called Fritz + Ken's because of the people who brewed it.  Each of the first three 30th Anniversary beers were brewed with a guest brewer from some famous brewery.  This one was brewed with Fritz Maytag, the owner (or founder, not sure if he still owns it) of Anchor Steam brewing.  Ken is Ken Grossman, the owner (founder?) of Sierra Nevada.

I smelled some roasted notes plus a little bit of alcohol on the nose.  Basically reminds me of a Russian Imperial Stout which is probably a good thing since it basically is one.  Some roasted malts, a little sweetness, and a bunch of bitterness in the end.  Decently thick mouth feel.  As I drank more of it, the bitterness faded and each sip started with a burst of sweetness almost tasting like a milk shake.  This 30th Anniversary was quite good.  I still think I like the Jack + Ken's Ale a bit better but this was impressive.  I can't wait to try the last one though.  It sounds awesome.

After that, we came home with our food and I opened the Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve to start my theme.
First notice the color and head.  It's a dark ruby with a thick amount of violet head.  Decent carbonation.  As expected, it had a huge raspberry smell.  Very inviting.  Tasted sweet with some fruit flavors mixed into it.  The beer itself was pretty mild but the raspberries bring it from okay to quite good.  Very clean finish on it, no hint of any bitterness.  Jo took quite a few sips of this one and also enjoyed it.  If you're looking for something to drink while relaxing, this is a good choice.

Next up will be a write up on the Sly Fox Royersford brewpub and some other Sly Fox beers.  I'm excited for it.

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