Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Duck Rabbit Rabid Duck at the Kite & Key

Even though I had the day off yesterday, I figured it would be a really lame tradition if I missed my second Kite & Key Tuesday. Lucky for me, my wife was heading out somewhere and offered to drop me off so even my laziness and the horrible heat didn't get the better of me and I managed to make it. I got a glass of Duck Rabbit Rabid Duck this time.
Nice smooth roasty nose. Started a little roasty with a little bit of chocolate and ended with similar flavors but not as strong. However, there was a really odd celery flavor, almost like celery seeds, that mixed itself into the finish and aftertaste which was just really weird. It didn't keep me from drinking the glass, but definitely lowered my enjoyment quite a bit. I did a little research and it appears a celery or vegetal flavor can be a result of late hop additions. Some say fuggles can cause it while others say it can be the result of the use of old hops. Either way, it seems the fault lies in the brewing of the beer. Unfortunately I was alone so couldn't get a second opinion. Bizarre to say the least though and hopefully it only affected this batch of Rabid Duck. Better luck next time I guess.

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