Friday, July 8, 2011

Schneider Aventinus 2006

The second interesting bottle I opened for July 4th was a Schneider Aventinus that was brewed in 2006 and cellared at the brewery until released in the US in, I think, 2010. I was interested in opening this one because it's the year anniversary of the trip to Germany with my wife and visiting Schneider. I figured this would be the best time to open the bottle considering it was already five years old. Aventinus is a weizenbock and one of my favorite beers.
Smelled of caramel and plums and deliciousness. First sip had caramel, toffee, and plums with a hint of apple. Most of those flavors continued throughout the glass with the caramel and the plums being in the forefront. From what I remember of fresh Aventinus, this version was more complex with the added hint of apples. Really awesome beer. The only mistake I made was not having a fresh bottle on hand to compare it directly. When drinking older stuff, it's obviously much easier to find differences when you have both versions together but oh well. Still happy with opening this.

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