Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ithaca Flower Power at the Kite & Key

Although I tried to order the Firestone Walker Union Jack, it kicked while the bartender was pouring my draft so no go on that. Instead I got a glass of Ithaca Flower Power, an IPA. I had it a while back at Kennett but this time the picture is decent.
Very herbal and flowery nose. Thicker body than I expected. At first it started with some muted hop notes and slight bitterness. It finished with an interesting flowery sweetness, probably a result of the hop and malt flavors mixing together. Had some lingering bitterness but not bad. It's interesting how my impressions changed between the two glasses. At Kennett I thought it was more pine forward while this time more perfumey. The differences could also be attributed to the age of the keg but that's more difficult to pinpoint than just my tastes changing. Regardless, Flower Power is a pretty great IPA and you should order it if you get the chance.

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