Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visit to Yards on July 3rd

My wife's family and I were relaxing at a bar and her little sister asked if there were any breweries located in the city. We happened to have been drinking Yards at the time so I had a pretty easy answer. Lucky for us, their brewery and pub were open on Sunday July 3rd so I cleaned my growler and we went on our way. We got there around one and, funny enough, their head brewer Steve Mashington and owner Tom Kehoe were chilling at the bar, drinking beers. Always nice to see brewery personnel enjoying their own beers.
We started with two flights: one of their regular lineup and one of their Ales of the Revolution series. All of them were quite decent and drank really easily, a trademark of Yards in my opinion. I especially enjoyed the Brawler and IPA, with the former being one of my wife's favorite beers.
After that, we each got a glass of something.
Can't remember at this point what Andy or Sean ordered, but I got a delicious glass of Bourbon Barrel Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale. Surprised how much I liked it considering how many issues I've had of bourbon overpowering the base beer. Hints of vanilla, tons of bourbon, no heat, pleasant carbonation and finishing up very clean. Quite good.

We left with a growler of their tasty IPA since Sean and I both enjoyed our small sample.
Slight grapefruit with no bitterness in the nose. Started with some grapefruit notes, a little caramel sweetness, and finished with a tiny bit of bitterness to balance everything out. The bitterness didn't linger though which was really nice. Very balanced, easy drinking and a good entry level IPA.

So this was the end of the July 4th festivities. And really what better way to end things than a trip to a brewery! Always nice to open a few great beers and get a chance to work my way through my ever growing cellar. Had some great beers this past weekend as well and I'll be writing about them in the next few days.

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