Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Savage Sixtel Sunday at Kite & Key

It was finally time for another Savage Sixtel Sunday at Kite & Key and of course I had to go. I mentioned a while back that it's named after the bartender on Sunday nights, Jim Savage, and so he was there behind the bar. With all the tvs Kite & Key is definitely a nice place to spend a Sunday night.

I started with a glass of Stillwater Debutante, a saison of sorts.
Perfumy, slightly herbal, with a hint of spiciness to it either from the grains used to brew it or the yeast, not sure. Pretty tasty. Sweet and bready with some fruit notes. Hints of apples and pears with a slightly herbal finish. I enjoyed this quite a bit and wish I could get to the Khyber tonight (Wednesday) for their Stillwater event since I expect all of Stillwater's beers are quite good but I'm not going to make it.

After that I got a glass of New Holland Night Tripper, an imperial stout. I've actually wanted to try this for a while now so I was excited and it totally lived up to my expectations.
Mostly chocolate in the nose with hints of dark fruit and some alcohol. Pretty thick mouthfeel. Started with chocolate, followed by coffee and roast. The alcohol was hidden really well except for a small bit in the nose and aftertaste. Quite an excellent stout.

I finished up the night with Avery Maharaja, a double IPA.
Smelled strongly of grapefruit. Surprisingly, though, the flavor was of pineapple with a strong malt backbone. I don't think I've ever had an IPA where the hops tasted like this and it was quite a nice change. The strong malt sweetness in it blended well with the pineapple too. Really enjoyable way to end the night.

Another great evening at the Kite & Key. It started busy because of dinner but I got a seat at the bar pretty quickly and sat down to watch some football and have some good beers. I got to meet some other Kite & Key regulars which was cool too. Not a super rare lineup but a good one all the same and I look forward to the next one.

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