Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm in Belgium!

I'm sitting here in Brussels at breakfast figuring out exactly what to write. Originally it was going to be about Cantillon but it was a public holiday yesterday so it was closed. Serious let down but we rescheduled that visit for Monday so phew. I mean, you can't visit Brussels without going to Cantillon, can you? (The answer is no by the way.)

To make up for it, we found our way to Place Fontainas and hit up Moeder Lambic there. And what a replacement. The first thing you notice when you walk in is that the bar is ridiculously tall. Like, really tall. Then you realize they have five different Cantillon on draft and you won't mind that you feel like a short child sitting at the tall bar.

I started with a glass of the Lambic Cantillon cask. I believe this is one year of Lambic unlike geuze which is a blend. Mild funky nose because it was on cask. The body was slightly watery at first but then was quite funky, a little tart and surprisingly bitter. I don't know if it was because it was fresh or what but the bitterness was quite apparent. Still for my first beer in Belgium, what a choice. After that I got a glass of Rose de Gambrinus on cask. Raspberry sweetness in the nose and then with the same funky bitterness but this time with a little raspberry to balance it out. So tasty.

And that's it for now. Got to get going so we can catch a train to Beersel to go to Drie Fonteienen. Sorry about the novel without pictures but I got a bit caught up in the moment!

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