Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Great Divide 2008 Old Ruffian

About a year and a half ago over Thanksgiving, I found a bottle of Great Divide Old Ruffian on a store shelf with their old style label. Unfortunately, the old label was before they began bottle dating so I had no real idea how old the beer was other than they changed their labels in the beginning of 2008. I figured whatever and bought it anything figuring the barleywine would hold up to age well. I finally opened it about a week and a half ago after having it in my refrigerator for a long while.
Really wonderful and strong nose. Tons of sweet fruit, caramel, and a pleasant aged hops character. Really inviting. Unfortunately, at least at first, the body didn't follow the awesome nose. Caramel still existed with some bitterness and even something reminiscent of chocolate, but everything was slightly muted with some cardboardy oxidation. As I drank more, though, the oxidation lessened (probably as I got used to it) and more of the sweet fruit and aged hops came through making it much better. In the end quite enjoyable even if at first I was a little worried.

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