Monday, November 19, 2012

Brunch at Kraftwork

Two weekends ago, Jo and I decided to stop at Kraftwork for brunch before heading over to Greensgrow to pick up our CSA allotment. On top of being on the way, I'd heard the food was quite good and their beer list is always top notch. Turns out their food really is that good as both Jo and I had excellent meals. Their biscuits especially were delicious and if you go definitely order them. To drink, I decided to start with Bell's This One Goes to Eleven. I think it's supposed to be an imperial red ale by style but I don't know 100%. I do know the name is from This is Spinal Tap, a pretty funny movie if you've never seen it.
Grapefruit nose, bright and not sharp. Considering its strength, makes it quite inviting. Thick body. Sweet caramel with some grapefruit hops in the finish and a light lingering bitterness. As with the nose, no real hint of the 11% even in the body. Pretty impressive for something named after a joke in a movie. As always, Bell's is very good.

After that, I thought a good second brunch beer should be my first Christmas beer of the season, Great Lakes Christmas Ale.
Cinnamon and allspice nose as expected. Not heavy handed though. Caramel and fruity body with a clove and cinnamon finish. Basically a stereotypical winter warmer (aka Christmas beer) but still well made. Again, not too heavy on the spices but still present enough to be enjoyable. Helps that the base beer was pretty decent as well as I find some breweries try to cover up poor beers by heavily spicing them.

And that was our visit to Kraftwork. Considering the quality of the food, we'll definitely be heading back there again at some point. Might be a couple months from now, honestly, but we'll see. I may try to get back this Saturday since they are supposed to have Bell's Black Note on for Black Friday but I don't know yet. I love me some Black Note though.

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