Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Victory Ranch R at Kite & Key

Stopped in at Kite & Key yesterday and was happy to find quite a few beers from Saturday's Craft Beer Express still available. I wasn't able to go this year so missed out on a few things but there was still tons of Victory left. I settled on the Ranch R, a double IPA, as I've heard good things about it.
Really enjoyable nose. Very clean and bright with tons of orange citrus. The beginning sips had some nice balance with a mix of some caramel sweetness and a little lemony bitterness. As I drank more, it became quite a bit more piney and earthy. Interesting change, that's for sure. Kept that way through the rest of the glass with the citrus basically fading out. Pretty good double IPA.


  1. I've enjoyed the whole Ranch series. At this point, I think I've had 4 different versions. The only thing I'd like to see with the series is the ability to try them side-by-side. So far, it seems like only one is available at a time... Still, I'm hoping to try the Chinook version and I'm hoping they bring back the Philly Beer Week version...

  2. I didn't actually know what the deal is with the Ranch series. I knew it was like experimental double IPAs, but is it like single hop versions of stuff? I think they had a Ranch S too right? Do you know the difference?

  3. Ranch S was Cascade single hopped, Ranch R is Centennial (I think), and I know there's a Chinook one that's been floating around as well. Then there's a bunch that feature multiple hops. I think the Philly Beer Week one was Simcoe and Amarillo (so very good). The one they typically have at the Victory Brewpub is just called "Ranch" and features Cascade, Centennial, Citra, and I think Simcoe too.

    They've all been solid, but I'd love to get a flight of the different varieties and do a side by side tasting... Right now, my favorites would be the Philly Beer Week version or the S version...