Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trip to Moe's!

I was in Lee this past weekend so of course that means a trip to Moe's! For those that don't know, Moe's is a small bar in my wife's home town of Lee, Mass. It opened up about five years ago and it's been where I go to drink ever since then. They don't have food, but you can always order some to be delivered if you want it. We always just go before or after dinner so whatever.

We actually went twice during the weekend but these beers are from the Saturday visit. The first I got was the Element Red Giant, an imperial amber apparently. I don't know how far Element distributes but I don't think it gets much out of the Massachusetts area.
Deep caramel nose, nutty and with some light earthy hops. Body followed mostly starting with some sweet apple, caramel, and more of the earthy hops in the finish. Bitter aftertaste but not too bad. Really interesting beer. Not sure about the style as I felt it was more lightly a bock or something but I'm probably just being influenced Nugget Nectar.

I checked out their new bottle shop after that, the newly opened Trader Moe's. Nice looking place, one wall with coolers, another with shelves, and some more bottles in the middle. Well lit and very clean as well. If you're in the area definitely somewhere to check out as the prices were pretty decent and the selection was pretty good and will only get better. I bought a bottle of B Nektar mead just because.

Back at the bar, I finished up with a bottle of Boulevard Sixth Glass, a quad.
I've apparently had this once before and didn't think much of it, but this bottle was quite good. It was made up of sweet cherry, raisin, plum, and caramel with a nice solid body. Seemed like a real solid quad. I think my issue last time was I only had a small sample and the bottle was super carbonated. This was much better that's for sure.

And that was my visit to Moe's. Always solid and it's always fun to chat with the owner Josh. If you're ever in Western Mass. and near exit 2, take the five minute side trip and head over to main street to check it out. Since it has a bottle shop now, it's an even better reason to visit!

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