Monday, December 3, 2012

Fun at Dock Street

Just before Thanksgiving, Dock Street had their annual bottle release (I think it can be called annual since they have had it for a few years now). This year they had quite a few different styles for sale including a couple of old gems. Probably the last year for the Barrel Aged Barleywine and Barrel Aged Prince Myshkin though as they finally may have exhausted their cellar reserves. We'll see next year if that's true!

After ordering bottles for myself and a couple friends that put in orders, I got a glass of their newest batch of Barleywine.
Nice caramel nose. Think body which I quite like in a stronger beer. Good way to start things off. Fruity caramel up front and through the middle, then a bit of alcohol bite in the finish. At first the alcohol was a bit much but it did fade a little as I got used to it. Still, if they can tame it completely, this would be a great.

I had gotten there pretty early and got to see how they update their beer chalkboard. I don't know why I thought it was funny but Marilyn didn't mind.
Guess that's one way to update it.

After the Barleywine, I ordered a glass of this year's Prince Myshkin Imperial Stout.
Chocolate and roast nose, nice for a stout. Again, a nice solid body on this. Not too thick and not thin either. Just right as Goldilocks would say (not sure where this reference came from but it works so I'm leaving it). Chocolate, roast, and a little sweetness brought things all together. Solid offering this year and a good way to end the visit.

Their special release this time was a funky version of their porter called Man Full of Funk. I'm pretty excited to give it a try. These releases are always great since they are calm, the pizza is good, and the atmosphere is fun. Just nice not to have to fight people to get anything. For another view on the release, see the Kaedrin Beer Blog, A Tale of Two Bottle Release.

I still have a long post to make about another bottle share I had with some friends, but excuses excuses and I don't feel like writing it today. It'll happen soon! Possibly means I won't have a post tomorrow since it's going to be a long one but we'll see.


  1. I was really impressed by the regular old Prince Myshkin Imperial Stout. I know this is a small operation, but I'm surprised they don't have more of a following. Looking forward to cracking open a few of those bottled reserves. BA Myshkin, BA Barleywine, and Man Full of Funk all sound great. (And thanks for the pointer!)

  2. Yeah who knows why they aren't more well known. I think it's probably just because they aren't very splashy and do more local self-promotion than anything else. They've been around for a long time though so as long as they can keep it going, I'm fine with that.