Friday, September 3, 2010

Bell's Oberon

I'm not a huge fan of wheats in general but Bell's Oberon was actually quite good for the style
As you can see, it is a nice orange color with a small amount of head.  The most interesting part of it was all the particles floating around in the beer.  This is definitely an unfiltered, bottle conditioned beer.  Bottle conditioning mostly just amounts to adding a small amount of yeast to the bottle before capping it which allows the beer's flavor to age a bit, usually mellowing out all of the flavors.  I'm pretty sure Bells bottle conditions all of their beers which is a nice facet to their brewing.  The taste was of wheat, malts, and a little citrus.  Basically a nice, mellow wheat beer.  On a hot day, it would be really refreshing to drink this.  All in all, not my favorite Bell's beer, but still a good offering from them that's better than most other beers out there.

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