Friday, September 10, 2010

Founders Cerise

I had the first of my set of fruit beers last night in Founders Cerise.
You can see the beer pours an orange - red color with very little head.  It smells faintly of cherries but mostly is pleasant and sweet.  The initial taste is of mild apple juice, kind of similar to the Flanders Red Ales I've been posting about.  However, immediately after, the flavor of cherries comes through and Cerise jumps to another level.  After the first sip, it continues to have a back and forth between the tart cherry flavor and the smooth ale flavor below it. The 12oz is incredibly easy to drink and absolutely delicious.  Still I don't think I'd have more than one in a row just so the flavors don't go from sweet to cloying.  However, it would be excellent to have some of this around for when I wanted a cherry beer like this.

If you like fruit beers, do yourself a favor and find this beer.  I was really impressed by it and thought it was just excellent.  I shouldn't be surprised because I have yet to find a Founders beer that wasn't great but even great breweries make some beers I'm not thrilled by so you never know.  As a side note, they make one of my favorite stouts as well in Breakfast Stout so you should look for that too if you like stouts.  So good.

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