Monday, February 7, 2011

Full Sail Wassail

Was looking for something interesting to drink during the Superbowl and came across the last bottle my brother Dan gave me for Hanukkah, Full Sail Wassail a Winter Warmer.  This one won't age well so I decided to finish my last bottle.
Some slight spice in the nose.  Initially I got spices backed by a sweet and malty base.  It feels like the spices were clove and ginger maybe but could be a few other things.  The finish was almost peppery which was interesting.  Decent spiced beer and an easy way to start off the Superbowl.

I also opened a bottle of Bells Expedition 2009 which was still fantastic.  I'm curious if it's the age or if this beer is awesome fresh too.  It's complex and really delicious.  You can see my first review here.  Mixed well with all the food we ate during the Superbowl too.

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