Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nugget Nectar vs. HopSlam! Fight!

Last Friday I decided to see how Troegs Nugget Nectar compared to Bell's Hopslam.  I recently had Hopslam at Jose Pistola's and Nugget Nectar at Kite & Key but figured the best way to get a decent comparison would be to have them both in one night. 

I started with the Nugget Nectar thinking that since it wasn't quite as strong it would make a better beginning.  Thanks for leaving a couple bottles behind Greg!
I got a nice pineapple aroma.  No earthy notes like last time just the fruit notes.  There was some bitterness in the first sip, but it feels like a different kind of bitterness from IPAs.  I found this one to be really interesting.  The hops interact with the base beer in a really different but good way and it's a nice change from other hopped up beers because of that.

After that was Hopslam which instead of having a different base adds strength through honey.
A citrusy, almost sugary nose on this one.  Much weaker hop aroma than the Nugget Nectar.  The bottle is much sweeter than when I had it on draft but it still had a nice bit of citrus in the back.  I didn't get much bitterness from this one though.  Not sure if it's just the hops fading or just how it always tastes from the bottle but it was surprising how different it felt than on draft.  Still, nice sweetness and some pine and citrus throughout and I really liked it.

Two great hoppy beers that really couldn't have been more different.  The Nugget Nectar was hoppier with the Hopslam winning on sweetness.  Basically depends on what you are looking for from your beer.  I will say both bottle pictures are great.  Nugget Nectar has a fist squeezing a hop while Hopslam has a dude crushed by a bunch of hops.  Very unique designs.

I'm heading out to San Francisco early Wednesday so I'm not sure if I'll be posting until next week.  Doing a bunch of beer stuff including visiting Russian River but don't know if I'll have the time to write.  We'll see I guess!

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