Friday, February 4, 2011

Weyerbacher November

Last night I opened my last bottle of Weyerbacher November, a coffee-infused Brown Ale. 

I wrote about it once before on Thanksgiving but after three months it's a much more balanced beer.  Some coffee in the nose is still prevalent but it's not nearly as sharp.  Nice mouthfeel on it.  I still got some notes of coffee but overall it was really well balanced with the brown ale base as the coffee has faded a bit.  As I made my way through it, the coffee flavors started building but they never turned bitter and were just pleasant.  This is drinking really well right now and I wouldn't wait much longer if you have any sitting around.  November was the last Brewers Select beer to be made and it's been a few months since its release.  Curious what the next one is going to be and when it'll be available.

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  1. Turns out the next release in the Brewer's Select is Oscar. It will be a hoppy German style hefeweizen.