Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Duck Rabbit Hoppy Bunny

I'm really not a huge fan of Black IPAs as I've said before but as most of you know I have serious issues about wanting to try everything. So, here we are, with a glass of Duck Rabbit Hoppy Bunny at Kite & Key.
Nice nose, strong grapefruit mixed with a nice roast. Basically what you'd expect from a decent black IPA so that's a good start. Unfortunately, the nose didn't follow through to the body. In the first sip, the grapefruit faded immediately and I just got roast and caramel with a light bitterness in the finish. Honestly was almost a little sweet which is just crazy for this style. This ended up more like a lightly hoppy porter than a black IPA. Even the body was slightly thicker than I'd expect. It wasn't terrible or anything just not very true to style. Jacquelyn, the bartender, liked the name at least so it has that going for it.


  1. I've found that it's very easy for a Black IPA to veer too far into IPA territory or too far into roasty toasty stout territory. I've had beers that, if I closed my eyes, would be indistinguishable from an IPA. And I've had others that are hoppy for a stout, but still dominated by roast. Getting that balance just right seems tricky, though when it happens, it can be great.

  2. Agreed though just like you don't like porters, I'm not a huge fan of these. I thought Wookey Jack was good though.

  3. Haha, exactly. Wookey Jack was one that gets the balance right, so was Society & Solitude #2. I go back and forth on some of Stone's takes on the style. But even in those cases, I sometimes find myself craving one style or the other...