Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wrecking Bar Brewpub in Atlanta

I recently had to go to Atlanta for work and what does that mean? It means I find somewhere sweet to eat dinner the first night! After a little research on BeerAdvocate, I settled on the Wrecking Bar brewpub because I love brewpubs and it had quite a few positive reviews. Turns out it was also two blocks from my friend's apartment so that worked out real well.

After a long cab ride from the airport followed by a short walk, I arrived in the Little Five Points area of the city and the Wrecking Bar. Nice looking place, smallish bar with about fifteen seats. A decent number of tables too. Not a ton of people were there when I walked in around 6 but it was a Tuesday and it did fill up during the few hours I was there though. The first thing I did was order a flight which came with six of their nine or so beers.
I worked my way from back left around to the back right. Seemed like a decent order as it was mostly light to dark.

The Kolquittch Kolsch had a sweet and bready nose. The body had a nice breadiness with some pepperiness and then sweetness in the finish. Nice and easy drinking, something that would go real well with food.

After was the Stifler's Cream Ale made with corn as one of the ingredients. Light lemon in the nose. Sweet body with a little more lemon and a little bit of corn flavor in the finish. Decent enough but the corn threw me a bit. This was my least favorite of the night though I can see some people liking it.

Next was one of their two smoked beers, Son of a Beech Rauchbier. Campfire nose, less bacon, more burning wood. Definitely know it's smoked though. Really nice smokiness on the first sip, just fills your mouth. The base beer does take a backseat to the smoke but the smoke is quite pleasant so it's cool with me. In a full glass, I'd expect the smoke to fade as your palate gets used to it. One of my favorites.

The Victor IPA was quite good too. Lemon and orange play real nicely in the nose and it had a solid body. Quite bitter up front with a little sweetness in the back. Orange, lemon and a little resin rounded things out. Definitely a solid IPA offering.

The middle right was their Punch Yo Mama Smoked Porter. Light smokiness in the nose, more bacony than the rauchbier. Nice smokey body with some roast coming in to keep it from being too much and feeling similar to the above. Lightly bitter in the finish. Again, a real nice use of smoke in this one.

And last was their Jemmy Stout. Lots of roast and quite clean, not acrid or bitter. Very roasty body too but again not bitter at all. This was a totally solid stout.

So that was their flight. Great way to check out the majority of their beers. My friend hadn't arrived at this point so I ordered a full beer, their Denamilizer Imperial IPA. This clocked in at a little over 10%.
Very sweet, super citrusy nose. Body followed with a lot of sweetness and caramel followed by a sharp bitterness in the finish. Not dry in any way, but the bitterness kept the sweetness from overwhelming everything. The alcohol was well hidden behind the sweetness and hops as well. Tasty though I think it might be a bit much in a larger glass which is mostly likely why it came in the little 5oz snifter. Well, that and it's strength.

I had a few more beers after this as my friend and I spent a couple more hours at the Wrecking Bar. But, rather than being rude and ignoring him, I didn't bother taking down anything about them. Plus I think I was a bit drunk already. So yeah.

My time here was quite great. The beers I had were all solid with some of them being really good. The bit of food I had was also really great. I got a pulled pork sandwich that was freaking delicious. Plus I got these nuts which were tasty.
Seriously tasty. So, if you're ever in Atlanta, I totally recommend this place.

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